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Our Story...


Tally Kombucha was established in 2016, birthed from the founder Michaela’s own health struggles. After suffering from gastritis, inflammation, asthma, and brain fog for years, Michaela started to take a daily dose of her own homemade kombucha brew and started seeing major improvements in her health, arising from the boost to her gut health from the kombucha. For two years prior to starting Tally Kombucha, Michaela eagerly prepared and served her kombucha to her husband and children as a health aid.


Seeing the effect on her immediate family, Michaela started Tally Kombucha by making Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBYs) available to others in her community. SCOBYs are the key ingredient in kombucha that delivers good bacteria and yeast to the gut, thereby balancing gut health and overall health.


As a busy mother, Michaela started to look for ways to easily carry the benefits of her homemade Kombucha with her.

After watching her own children’s snack preferences, she formulated the "Bucha Rollups" as an easy way to deliver the benefits of kombucha in a portable form.  These handy probiotic snacks serve as an alternative to the sugary fruit snacks craved by little and big kids alike, and sneakily deliver good bacteria and yeast to the gut in a fun, delicious form.

Tally Kombucha’s products and influence took a leap when Michaela was contacted by a local business about selling her Kombucha; seeing the need, the time was right to expand by opening a storefront to serve the local community’s desire to improve gut health.


Tally Kombucha will continue to expand with foods and beverages aimed to heal, renew life, and aid the entire body. Welcome to gut health and better living!

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