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Our Story

Our Story...

Tally Kombucha was established in 2016, two years prior, mother and wife, Michaela had been preparing and serving it to her immediate family as a health aide. She once suffered from gastritis, inflammation, asthma and brain fog but after taking daily dose of her homemade brew she started to see major changes. These changes propelled her to start Tally Kombucha by gifting and selling her beautiful S.C.O.B.Ys to others in her community. These S.C.O.B.Ys are still available and sold when available. As a busy mom, Michaela started to look for ways to carry the benefits of her homemade Kombucha with her on the go.

After watching her own child’s snack preferences ideas started brewing in her head. She formulated the Tally Kombucha the “Bucha Rollups”. Then moved forward with blessing her local community with "Bucha Rollups" that are loved by all age groups. These handy, easily portable probiotic snacks serve as an alternative to the fruit snack/leather kids crave and as an alternative for adults that don’t like the taste of Kombucha but desire the benefits of it. After being contacted by a local business about selling her Kombucha, Michaela took it as a sign “it’s time”, time to offer her unique spin of Kombucha to her local community also. 

Tally Kombucha will continue to expand with foods and beverages aimed to heal, renewing life and aid the entire body. By introducing Kombucha and wholistic living to Michaela's very own community beautiful things were able to bloom. Welcome to Tally Kombucha!

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